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Elk in California: History, current status, and future of California’s largest land mammal

Tom Batter PhD Student Mammalian Ecology and Conversation Unit University of California Tom Batter, University of California, Davis, Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit, shares his California…

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A New Platform for Discovery of Novel HIV Host-Pathogen Interactions

Joe Hiatt, MSTP V, University of California, San Francisco Lab of Alex Marson MD, PhD Joe Hiatt explains the basic background, lifecycle, and risk levels for HIV. This worldwide epidemic starting in…

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Regenerating the Diversity of Life in Soils: Hope for Farming, Ranching and Climate

Dr. David Johnson Molecular Biologist New Mexico State University, and Adjunct Faculty, CSU, Chico Dr. David Johnson is a Molecular Biologist conducting research for the Institute for Sustainable…

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Cascade 2.0 - Adding photo to the rotating home banner

Video tutorial on how to add, crop and adjust (using .css) the banner image.

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Cascade 2.0 – Retrieving a deleted file

Video tutorial on how to retrieve a deleted file from Cascade 2.0

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Cascade 2.0 - Editing links to PDF's

Video tutorial on how to remove a link and how to add a new link.

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Cascade 2.0 - Quicklinks

Video tutorial on how to manipulate the quicklinks in Cascade 2.0.

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Cascade 2.0 - Creating linkable images

Video tutorial on how to create images with a link in Cascade 2.0.

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Cascade 3.0 - Manipulating the Secondary Content Item

Tutorial video on how to hide, add text, and a card in the secondary content item region of a Cascade 3.0 web page.

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Cascade 3.0 - Creating a Content Tile Widget and adding it to a webpage

Video tutorial on how to creating a content tile widget and adding it to a webpage using Cascade 3.0

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Cascade 3.0 - Creating a Basic Page with Cards

Video tutorial on how to create a basic page with cards using Cascade 3.0.

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Cascade 3.0 - Adding and linking a PDF file

Video tutorial on how to upload a PDF file onto Cascade 3.0 and how to link the PDF in a webpage.

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Cascade 3.0 - Deleting a Section from Webpage

Video tutorial on how to delete a section and publishing the website so the changes can be reflected in the live website using Cascade 3.0.

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Cascade 3.0 - Creating a Section and Basic Page within Section

Video tutorial on how to create a section and a basic page within section using Cascade 3.0

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