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Sourdough Bread: Session 3

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Talwinder Chetra Go Flex 2 Summer 2021

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Welcome, Opening Remarks, Specifics on GoFlex and Video Deliverable

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Earth & Life History, Fall '21: Session 5

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Art & People of Japan: Session 8

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Learn How to Draw: Session 8

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OLLI End of Year Message

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I Didn't Know My iPhone Could Do That!

With each new generation of operating system, what you're able to do with an iPhone changes. We'll look at useful hidden features of iOS 13. Do you get a lot of spoof calls? Learn how to…

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Monsters: Terrors, Aliens, and Wonders

Dr. Asa Mittman Art and Art History Department CSU, Chico In this unique presentation, Dr. Asa Mittman closely analyzes a medieval map with students and colleagues. What are they analyzing?…

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