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Canvas Overview (Navigate Dashboard, Courses, & Glogal Links)

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Canvas Student App

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Navigating and Organizing Your Canvas Dashboard

Enhance your Canvas experience and optimize your learning environment with these valuable tips and tricks. Learn how to effectively navigate and organize your Canvas dashboard with this short…

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Day 5: Cross Listing

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Day 2: Setting up Dashboard

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Allison McConnell "LMS Minimalist" Canvas Course Tour (Math 120)

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How to Manage Groups

In this video we will demonstrate how to create and manage groups for your MediaSpace or KAF installation.

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Siteimprove Training 9/22/2021

In this training session, we go over what Siteimprove is, why we use it, and how it can be used to improve our campus subsites.

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CalFresh Outreach - Program Evaluation & Research

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