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Mim. Roeder - Canvas Crew

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Meka Klungtvet-Morano - Canvas Crew

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Joy of Learning - Rouben Mohiudden - Empathy in Design

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How to Add Additional Download Flavors

In this video, we'll demonstrate How to add additional download flavors for download.

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How to Disable the Download Media Feature

In this video, I'll demonstrate How to disable the download media feature.

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How to Disable the Ability to Change the Media Ownership

In this video, we will learn how to enable or disable the ability to change Media Ownership in MediaSpace or your Learning Management System

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How to Disable or Restrict the embed Code Share Option

In this video, I'll demonstrate how to disable or restrict the embed code sharing option.

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University Budget Committee Meeting May 16, 2022

Zoom Recording ID: 83875802482 UUID: KJ0cIBg5QDuVbwF9TKHUTw== Meeting Time: 2022-05-16 08:31:26pm

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Academic Senate 03-24-2016

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GoFlex Insights-Dean Fairbanks

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CalFresh Healthy Living Onboarding Webinar 3-6-20

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R03 Payroll Overview for New Unit 3 Employees

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Go Virtual Institute Summer Workshop Video - Joshua Moss

A short video summary of the work accomplished during the institute produced by Prof. Joshua L. Moss, Media Arts, Design, and Technology, California State University, Chico. Summer 2020.

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Kaltura: Publish to a Channel

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Getting the Care You Need

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