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Video Resources: USDA SNAP Outreach Guidance Our CalFresh Outreach FAQ for subcontractors CFO Subcontractor Guide for BARs

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FFY 2022-2024 CFO Higher Ed Contract Kickoff Webinar

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Patrick Brittle - Go Virtual 1 - Summary Video

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Go Virtual2 Day 2 Deeper Learning By Design (Tom Angelo)

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Building Partnerships & Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) Strategies

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Deeper Learning by (Re)Design Interactive Workshop (Part 1) with Tom Angelo

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Elk in California: History, current status, and future of California’s largest land mammal

Tom Batter PhD Student Mammalian Ecology and Conversation Unit University of California Tom Batter, University of California, Davis, Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit, shares his California…

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What Religious People Think About Science (and Scientists)

Elaine Howard Ecklund, PhD Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences Director, Religion and Public Life Rice UniversityDr. Gregory Cootsona Comparative Religion and Humanities Department CSU,…

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