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ALEKS PPL - Rafael - Chemistry

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ALEKS PPL - Esmerelda - Physics & Mathematics

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ALEKS PPL - Jasmine - Orientation Leader

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Information Security ISEC

For more information and links discussed in this video visit Information Security website.

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President's Welcome to New Employees

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Benefits Intro for Staff and Management Employees

Read the Benefits Overview to obtain details about applicable benefits. If you a benefits-eligible, please remember you must enroll in benefits during the first 60 days of employment. A Benefits…

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Staff Council (4 min)

Staff Council champions for staff and serves the local community through service projects. Connect with STAC on Facebook to see the latest updates.

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Path Scholars Program - Welcome Packages

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Representations of Female Homosexuality in Middle Eastern Contemporary Literature: Strategies and Critics

Zayer Baazaoui Ph.D. candidate in Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Studies University of Miami, Florida Zayer Baazaoui explains the connection between the development of society and the development…

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Wildcat Statue Unveil Video

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Transvisibility & Black Lives Matter: Intersecting at the Margins

Seve Christian CSU, Chico Student & Trans Program Coordinator, Gender & Sexuality Equity Center Connor Wenzel Trans Group Facilitator, Stonewall Alliance of Chico The presenters…

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First Generation to PhD: People, Programs, and Policies on the Path

Dr. Michelle Neyman Morris, Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, CSU, Chico Dr. Michelle Neyman Morris brings us on her journey from a first-generation college student to earning…

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Creating Integrated Healthcare Services Part 1

Ben Hudson Executive Director Jacke Humphrey-Straub MSW, Director of Programs Gender Health Center Transgender individuals face barriers when trying to access healthcare services. Those…

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Cultural Dialogues: Serving Chinese Students at CSU, Chico

Panel Discussion CSU, Chico Faculty, Staff, and Chinese Students Shortly after Dr. Baohui Song, faculty in the CSU, Chico School of Agriculture, came to the U.S. in 2001, he went to Burger King to…

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Beyond the Binary: Gender Dysphoria & Gender Identity

Dr. Thomas W. Johnson Professor Emeritus, CSU, Chico Department of Anthropology Since retiring from teaching cultural anthropology at CSU, Chico, Dr. Thomas Johnson has surveyed over 3,000 eunuchs…

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Why Free Speech is the Only Safe Place for Minorities

Jonathan Rauch First Amendment Scholar and Best-Selling Author Jonathan Rauch begins his presentation with a powerful statement: “The greatest idea in the history of human civilization is…

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