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How to set your LTI Role Permissions in the KAF Hosted Module

I'll demonstrate How to set the LTI Role permissions within the hosted module

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How to Disable the Download Media Feature

In this video, I'll demonstrate How to disable the download media feature.

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How to Disable or Restrict the embed Code Share Option

In this video, I'll demonstrate how to disable or restrict the embed code sharing option.

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Academic Senate 10-01-2015

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Elizabeth Stevens's Go Flex Faculty Showcase

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Day 2: Student Engagement & Student Groups

Student Engagement & Student GroupsArticle: Active Learning in Hybrid Classrooms 3-2-1 Summary Strategy (Use this one during GoFlex) 3-2-1 Summary Strategy for Download Lit Circles - Reading…

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Maia Illa GV Video Deliverable (Week 1 Participant)

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Go Virtual Day 1 - Chiara Ferrari- Quality Learning & Teaching Program

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The Resilient Caregiver

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Academic Senate 9-19-19

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Career Planning Session

Jeffrey Harrington Advisor, Career Center CSU, ChicoIn this video Jeffrey Harrington (Chico State Career Advisor) discusses best practices for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and interview…

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