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GoFlex2 Key Takeaways - Michael Rehg

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Logan B. Smith - GoFlex Summer Institute 2

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Jesse Engebretson's GoFlex Reflection

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Vicky Junco's -Sorry sorry too long! and my pen had no ink! sorry sorry!

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Kelli McCrea GoFlex debrief

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Harness Your Hippocampus: Session 4

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Paul Arpin's Go Virtual Reflection PHYS 427W

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Patrick Brittle - Go Virtual 1 - Summary Video

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Go Virtual Day 3 Digital Divide, Equity, Access, Inclusion & Diversity

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Maintaining Optimum Brain Health & Fitness, No. 2

The most important resource to maintain excellent quality-of-life is the health and fitness of our brains. Following an introduction to brain structure and function, Dr. Len Matheson will present…

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Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program Participants Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies CSU Chico This presentation’s panel consists of the Fulbright Teaching Excellence…

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Authenticity, Assumptions, and Fit

Dr. Debra Larson Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs CSU, ChicoAthlete. Student. Mom. Engineer. Administrator. Breast Cancer Survivor. Friend. Problem-Solver. CSU, Chico Provost for…

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