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Dustin Bakkie Canvas Crew

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Ben Seipel Canvas Crew

Canvas Crew Fall 2022 Reflection Video by Ben Seipel (School of Education). Intro Biggest Take-Aways Migration Experience Favorite Canvas Feature Student Response Suggestions

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Joy of Learning - Aaron Draper - Return of Visual Expression

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Chico Statements - Kevin Warren

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University Budget Committee Meeting 3/4/2022

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Ally & Remediation

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Welcome and Opening Remarks Zoom Zen and Jiu Jitsu

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Academic Senate 03-24-2016

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Getting to Know Each Other josh whittinghill

Getting to Know Each Otherjosh whittinghill

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Complementary CalFresh Food Program: Anthem BlueCross

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Cruising Through Caregiving

This session is for anyone who helps take care of a loved one. Learn how to reduce your stress throughout your caregiving journey.

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Women Like You - Martha Andrade McLemore

Martha Andrade McLemore Clinical Supervisor Martha Andrade McLemore was born and raised in Mexico and migrated to the US when she was 15. She is now a licensed clinical social worker and has been…

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Poetry: Alicia Mountain

Alicia Mountain PoetAlicia Mountain is the author of the collection, High Ground Coward, selected as winner of the 2017 Iowa poetry prize. She makes it very clear her poetry is for everyone and…

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Stem Cells, Gene Editing, and the Future of Biology

Dr. ​David Stachura Department of Biological Sciences CSU Chico Dr. Stachura and his students primarily study the molecular control of blood cell development. In this presentation, he explains…

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BioGeoTherapy: Reversing Climate Change by Regenerating Land and Ocean Ecosystems

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