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David's Journey

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Engaging Young Children in Science and Literacy Learning: One Biology Majors Career Path

Dr. Char Moffit School of Education CSU, ChicoWhen it comes to science, how are kids educated in our schools? Why are districts restricting the amount of science we teach? Dr. Char Moffit, a…

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Representations of Female Homosexuality in Middle Eastern Contemporary Literature: Strategies and Critics

Zayer Baazaoui Ph.D. candidate in Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Studies University of Miami, Florida Zayer Baazaoui explains the connection between the development of society and the development…

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Put Up Your Dukes: The Oral Defense

Carson Medley Thesis Advisor, CSU, Chico Graduate Studies A major step for a graduate student to earn his or her master’s degree is the oral defense of the master’s thesis. Carson…

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Zen and the Art of Questioning

Carson Medley Thesis Advisor, CSU, Chico Graduate Studies Alternatively titled, “Which Came First – the Answer or the Question?,” this workshop addresses what the presenter…

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My Only Problem Is That I Don’t Have a Problem at All

Carson Medley Thesis Advisor, CSU, Chico Graduate Studies Carson Medley teaches students how to find the problem, the issue – the conflict – around which to build their thesis. The…

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How to Write (or Start Thinking About) a Thesis or Project

Carson Medley Thesis Advisor, CSU, Chico Graduate Studies This workshop introduces students to the culminating activity of their graduate education – the thesis or project. Carson discusses…

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From the Mountains of Puerto Rico to the Hallowed Halls of Chico State, A Journey of Success

Luis Caraballo, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management, CSU, Chico Luis Caraballo was born in Puerto Rico and raised between two mountain communities in the Cordillera Central of the…

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Finding Oneself Along the Road of Yes and Even NO!!

Dr. Kathy Kaiser, Sociology Faculty, CSU, Chico Dr. Kathy Kaiser’s response to a contract which suddenly and unexpectedly arrived in the mail was—where is Chico? She had forgotten…

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Writer's Voice: Daryl Farmer, Creative Nonfiction

Dr. Daryl Farmer Faculty, Department of English, University of Alaska-Fairbanks Dr. Daryl Farmer reads from and discusses “Bicycling Beyond the Divide: Two Journeys into the West.” His…

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The Contours of Prison Writing: Or What We (Should) Talk About When We Talk About Prison Writing

Dr. Nathaniel Heggins Bryant Faculty, English Department, CSU, Chico Dr. Heggins Bryant explores literature written by prisoners; what his dissertation calls, “The Productive Intellectual…

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Connecting the Dots

Dr. Paul Zingg President, CSU, Chico Early in his presentation, Dr.Paul Zingg, CSU, Chico’s President since 2004, states that “connect the dots” is a metaphor he uses frequently…

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