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Chico Statements - Myli Martinez

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Chico Statements - Yanetli Navarro-Hernandez

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Day 5: Exporting Course Shell

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Day 4: Import/Export Page from Commons

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Religious Studies and Humanities Information Session

This Chico State information session highlights the online Religious Studies program and the online Humanities program. It also includes a presentation by a Chico State Admissions Counselor. …

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Elk in California: History, current status, and future of California’s largest land mammal

Tom Batter PhD Student Mammalian Ecology and Conversation Unit University of California Tom Batter, University of California, Davis, Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit, shares his California…

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Academic Senate Meetings December 14, 2022 for distribution

Zoom Recording ID: 81231074627 UUID: x33XUe+hQWeCzVsLKmrQAA== Meeting Time: 2022-12-14 07:40:56pmGMT

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Lindsey Nenadal Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 9524890342 UUID: CF1AbBxTR8C+BOW/G5XfWw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-06 05:01:32pmGMT

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Becki Brunelli Canvas Crew

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Dustin Bakkie Canvas Crew

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Karen Nissen "Canvas Crew"

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Thea Wilson Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 84068534380 UUID: kcgcFdrtQb2gD+w3GDj3tw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-04 09:59:57pmGMT

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Animal Science Recruiting Video 2022

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Andrew Lavin Canvas Crew.mp4

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Ben Seipel Canvas Crew

Canvas Crew Fall 2022 Reflection Video by Ben Seipel (School of Education). Intro Biggest Take-Aways Migration Experience Favorite Canvas Feature Student Response Suggestions

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The Canvas Transition

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