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Supplemental Invoice & SSDR

Video Resources: USDA SNAP Outreach Guidance Our CalFresh Outreach FAQ for subcontractors CFO Reporting webpage Contract Resources

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Let's Keep Knitting: Fibonacci Magic

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What's New with Medicare in 2022?

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Application Process & Submission

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GoFlex S2 Key Takeaways with Mim. Roeder

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CalFresh Outreach - SSI Expansion and Updating Your CFO Website

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Medicare Rights & Protections

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Behind Enemy Lines Featuring Guest Speaker Marthe Cohn, Holocaust Survivor and French Spy

Marthe Cohn Author, Holocaust Survivor, and France Spy Marthe Cohn was born Marthe Hoffnung on April 13, 1920 into an Orthodox Jewish family and raised in Metz, France near the German border. By the…

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Women and World War I in the Middle East

Dr. Serpil Atamaz Assistant Professor of History California State University, Sacramento Dr. Serpil Atamaz reveals the truths behind gender separation during World War I. She reveals how studies of…

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