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Canvas Overview (Navigate Dashboard, Courses, & Glogal Links)

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Assignments (Viewing and Accessing)

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Calendar Overview

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Navigating and Organizing Your Canvas Dashboard

Enhance your Canvas experience and optimize your learning environment with these valuable tips and tricks. Learn how to effectively navigate and organize your Canvas dashboard with this short…

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Day 3 - Setting up Your Syllabus (10-Minute Tasks Series)

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Thea Wilson Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 84068534380 UUID: kcgcFdrtQb2gD+w3GDj3tw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-04 09:59:57pmGMT

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Canvas is coming to Chico State

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Homecoming 2022 - Save The Date

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Academic Senate Meeting 12-2-21

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Academic Senate 12-3-2020

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R03 Payroll Overview for New Unit 3 Employees

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Go Virtual: Using Google Forms in Higher Education (Celina Philips)

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Payroll Overview for New Staff and Managers

Alison Christensen give an overview of what services new employees can utilize regarding their pay.

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Compliance Training & Professional Development Intro for New Employees

About a week before your first paycheck, you should receive notices to complete compliance training from All CSU campuses use CSU Learn to deliver and track the completion of…

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ZOOM 101

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Creating Card Content Tiles

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