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Winter [All] Flex 22 Adrienne Edwards

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ChicoFlex: Equity & Access and Innovative Pedagogy Breakout Debrief

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Classroom Mgmt & Rules of Engagement

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Welcome and Opening Remarks Zoom Zen and Jiu Jitsu

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Wellcat Counseling Tour 2021

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Katie Mercurio Go Flex Summer 2021 Session 2

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Vicky Junco's -Sorry sorry too long! and my pen had no ink! sorry sorry!

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Preparing for “Plan B” Kathy - JamBoard

Preparing for “Plan B”Kathy - JamBoard

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Getting to Know Each Other josh whittinghill

Getting to Know Each Otherjosh whittinghill

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What is ChicoFlex? Chiara Ferrari

What is ChicoFlex?Chiara Ferrari

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Zoom Jiu Jitsu Zoom Housekeeping Tips Marjorie Shepard

Zoom Jiu JitsuZoom Housekeeping TipsMarjorie Shepard

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Day 2: Student Engagement & Student Groups

Student Engagement & Student GroupsArticle: Active Learning in Hybrid Classrooms 3-2-1 Summary Strategy (Use this one during GoFlex) 3-2-1 Summary Strategy for Download Lit Circles - Reading…

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Session 4

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Virtual CFO Week

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Sign into your Chico State Zoom Account using SSO

With the increased usage of Zoom in the past year, it is critical that every single faculty member, student and staff member understand how to verify that they are signed in to Zoom using single-sign…

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Exploring the Googleverse: Session 2

Timeline: 0:00-16:38 Google Sheets Instruction 20:52-23:00 Additional notes for tablet and phone users 39:39-42:20 A few questions & answers The time segments in between have some random…

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