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Career Center - Cover Letters

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Academic Senate Meeting Webinar December 16, 2022 Resolution

Zoom Recording ID: 86826726204 UUID: fvyDtxWYTwmezwiWdotwaA== Meeting Time: 2022-12-16 07:31:44pmGMT

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Go Virtual Day 3 - Equity-Driven Virtual Instruction - Dr Nandi Crosby (intro by Josh Trout)

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Wildcat Scholarships - How to Apply

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Get Writing: Strategies on How to Write Your Essay

Allie Mueting Student Writing Tutor Chico State Writing Center In this presentation, Allie Mueting helps students combat writer’s block. If you struggle to begin your essays or need help…

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University Foundation Board

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Career Planning Session

Jeffrey Harrington Advisor, Career Center CSU, ChicoIn this video Jeffrey Harrington (Chico State Career Advisor) discusses best practices for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and interview…

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Take back your Life: A guide to setting yourself up for success

Eli Lacayo & Alex Mendoza UMatter Interns Counseling & Wellness Center CSU, ChicoCollege can be extremely overwhelming. From stressing over school assignments, to working a job, to meeting…

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Student Philanthropy Event_TRANSFORM

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Zen and the Art of Questioning

Carson Medley Thesis Advisor, CSU, Chico Graduate Studies Alternatively titled, “Which Came First – the Answer or the Question?,” this workshop addresses what the presenter…

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Tackling the “Issue” Essay Requirement

Eric Dunk CSU, Chico English Graduate Student & Student Learning Center Tutor In the final presentation of his four-part GRE Writing Workshop series, Eric Dunk, a writing tutor in the Student…

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Paragraph Development

Brooke Hespeler Student Writing Tutor, CSU, Chico Student Learning Center Brooke Hespeler, a Chico State senior majoring in English, explains how to write better essays and research papers by…

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