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Explore a Migrated Course

In this video, we help you to quickly spot check a course migrated from Blackboard Learn to Canvas. Our goal is to help you assess what content you can reuse in just a few minutes.The video covers…

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Navigating and Organizing Your Canvas Dashboard

Enhance your Canvas experience and optimize your learning environment with these valuable tips and tricks. Learn how to effectively navigate and organize your Canvas dashboard with this short…

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Day 1 - Setting up Your Profile (10-Minute Tasks Series)

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Day 5: Exporting Course Shell

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Day 5: Moving Singular Content for Migration

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Lindsey Nenadal Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 9524890342 UUID: CF1AbBxTR8C+BOW/G5XfWw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-06 05:01:32pmGMT

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Dustin Bakkie Canvas Crew

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Karen Nissen "Canvas Crew"

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Youngsu Lee Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 84724931231 UUID: tAr4Zt8rRues159oJjDbKA== Meeting Time: 2022-12-05 12:36:07amGMT

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Thea Wilson Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 84068534380 UUID: kcgcFdrtQb2gD+w3GDj3tw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-04 09:59:57pmGMT

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Ben Juliano Canvas Crew

Responses to 5 questions regarding our Blackboard to Canvas migration.

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Canvas Is Here

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A summary of my experiences with Canvas this semester.

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Rachel Hensler Canvas Crew

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Andrew Lavin Canvas Crew.mp4

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Ben Seipel Canvas Crew

Canvas Crew Fall 2022 Reflection Video by Ben Seipel (School of Education). Intro Biggest Take-Aways Migration Experience Favorite Canvas Feature Student Response Suggestions

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