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Katie Mercurio Go Flex Summer 2021 Session 2

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Welcome and Opening Remarks - Kathy Fernandes & Provost Larson

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Intro to Hmong Day 2

Watch a short documentary of "Becoming American"

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New Cat Science: Session 8

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TED Talks: Session 9

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TED Talks-Session 7

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What Now? The Family with a New Dementia Diagnosis Presentation

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Joni Dunlap SOR

Digital story

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How to Manage Your Money During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Session One

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ON FIRE: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal

Naomi Klein Journalist & Author Senior Correspondent, The Intercept Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, columnist, and New York Times bestselling author. In a special talk, she joins…

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Elk in California: History, current status, and future of California’s largest land mammal

Tom Batter PhD Student Mammalian Ecology and Conversation Unit University of California Tom Batter, University of California, Davis, Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit, shares his California…

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Career Planning Session

Jeffrey Harrington Advisor, Career Center CSU, ChicoIn this video Jeffrey Harrington (Chico State Career Advisor) discusses best practices for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and interview…

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Chico State - "Together We Will"

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Stewardship in the Anthropocene

Dennis Dimick Executive Editor, Environment, National Geographic Magazine Scientists and others have begun calling the human-dominated era of the Earth’s history the Anthropocene, or…

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Skyrim- Heimskr's speech

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