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Assignments (Viewing and Accessing)

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Explore a Migrated Course

In this video, we help you to quickly spot check a course migrated from Blackboard Learn to Canvas. Our goal is to help you assess what content you can reuse in just a few minutes.The video covers…

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ALEKS PPL - Jasmine - Orientation Leader

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Day 4 - Setting up Your Modules and Pages (10-Minute Tasks Series)

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Day 2: Canvas Buttons Customizing

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Day 5: Exporting Course Shell

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Day 2: Choosing Home Page

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Allison McConnell Math 105 Canvas Tour (Extended Version)

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Ben Juliano Canvas Course Organization Tips

A video tour of Ben Juliano's Canvas course organization. Presented are the details of the course organization, module organization, and minimal top-level menu options used. Additionally,…

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Lindsey Nenadal Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 9524890342 UUID: CF1AbBxTR8C+BOW/G5XfWw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-06 05:01:32pmGMT

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Meka Klungtvet-Morano - Canvas Crew

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Dustin Bakkie Canvas Crew

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Karen Nissen "Canvas Crew"

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Thea Wilson Canvas Crew

Zoom Recording ID: 84068534380 UUID: kcgcFdrtQb2gD+w3GDj3tw== Meeting Time: 2022-12-04 09:59:57pmGMT

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Ben Juliano Canvas Crew

Responses to 5 questions regarding our Blackboard to Canvas migration.

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Andrew Lavin Canvas Crew.mp4

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