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Chaos at Crabapple Condos: OLLI Play Festival Spring '22

Written in collaboration by the OLLI playwriting class: Joan Goodreau, Judith Gropp, Pamela Loyd, Leanne Ulvang, and Debbie Vermette. At Crabapple Condos, all of the HOA board members are…

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Fiscal Reporting Workbook

Video Resources: USDA SNAP Outreach Guidance Our CalFresh Outreach FAQ for subcontractors CFO Reporting webpage Contract Resources

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Academic Senate 10-03-2013

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Academic Senate 09-18-2014

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Academic Senate 12-14-2016

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Academic Senate 04-27-2017

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Purpose & Place Podcast KDiaz

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The Trump-Kim Bromance: Foreign Policy As Reality TV

Dr. James Matray History Deparment CSU Chico In this presentation, Professor Matray takes a different approach observing world leaders today. He points out President Donald J. Trump claimed in…

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My Science Journey

Margie T. Borra-Garske, Ph.D. Margie T. Borra-Garske walks us through her experience in science throughout her education and career. She talks about her involvement in STEM and various science…

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STEM Connections - Drinking Water Research

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Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials: Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Part 2

Dr. Patty Hunter LCSW, CSU, Chico School of Social Work Dr. Patty Hunter explores the differences among the current generations and what causes conflicts among them. She notes that for the first…

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